(Unconventional) School Portraits

I started making school portraits because I was disappointed with the package of photos I received from our school's photographer.

The images were professionally made but reflected none of my young son's personality. His hair is never perfect and he always looks a little unkempt and he is almost always smiling or laughing; none of which I could see in the photos I had bought. In short, the school photos looked like every other school photo I had ever seen.

With the unconventional school portrait I spend time and engage with each child to make photos that matter. I seek out the individual and genuine smiles of your child so you have 'real' images of them as they are today with all their quirkiness on display.

I make portraits that you will want to frame now and reflect on for years.

An unconventional school photo session takes only 15 minutes and no preparation is needed. Bring your child as they are or in their school uniform and let me capture something of their unique personality.